Heading 4Ooctober poem

ODE to Orange
Oh orange resplendent AUM
Buddhist robes whisper above the path
Garfield with a Cheshire smile   dry wit
Goldfish   pets for those not allowed dreams
Monarch's flit amongst marigolds warming the day
Carrots pulled from Mother   revealing vitality to serve
Peppers brighten a meal   party made
Marmalade a cheery hat on toasted bread
Jumpsuits revive an afterlife to those who dwell
where black and white stripes once ruled
Safety vests command attention from the timid
Tangerine, apricot, yam, cantaloupe and amber
brighten a blank page of possibility
Autumn leaves and pumpkin lanterns salve
towards coming darkened days   
Cynthia L. Bryant (C)2022

August   Poem



Suppose every child was wanted

that none were given away

raised in institutions

spared the love


Suppose that no voice was raised

raising children


Suppose no marks were left on small bodies

to scar their lives


Suppose that none were used shamelessly

like playthings


Who would grow into murderers

if no one had anger or fear


Who would grow into thieves

if nothing was taken from them


Who would grow to be President

if children were always told the truth


Perhaps someone worthy of the title!

(C) 2022 Cynthia L Bryant

June    Poem

“Our new Constitution is now established,

everything seems to promise it will be durable.

but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” 

Benjamin Franklin 

Acoustic Shadowing


War brewing just out of sight


Rumbles not heard for years

Become a constant irritation

Eclipse over folks a flutter

Unwilling to register whirling balls

Of fear and hate as they explode


Close enough to leave craters

Filled with leaded lies

Varnishing a thin coat of

How things are interpreted


Whether a response

Warranted or no

Is worth the effort

Cynthia L Bryant (C)2022

September   Poem


Heaven on Earth



It is summertime at twilight

crickets begin to strum

air is filled with jasmine's perfume

The old rocker swishes da-dum


Weary day has retreated

behind blushes of orange and pink

as old Sol is extinguished

in horizon of oceanic drink


Heavenly lights flicker

turning on one by one

Awe struck Earth prostrate

Mother Luna's reign begun


Blue moon is arising

large and golden as the sun

As crickets serenade eventide

the old man's ticker stops—da-dum



© 2002 Cynthia L. Bryant




    Storm clouds

Like black sheep of heavenly domain

Billows of dark portent

Swept along by northeast winds

Hit great pockets of warmth


Clap loud Hoorays

    in mid-air


Sends arrows of light flashing

Through torrents of angelic tears


Catching at streams of light

Spills prisms of color

One faint hue at a time


A magnificent arched palette

watercolor strokes across the sky

   paints hope

on human lives

who have lost their way

Cynthia Bryant (C) 2022